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Projet DTP Mining

Project Detail

SI 002: Stairs around the platforms at the Pioneer Camp

SI 003: Ramps North Side of the plateform

SI 004: Footpath in between houses (front side) + concrete slab at the door step

SI 005: Finishing works at the Ablutions Area (fixing and reparation)

SI 006: Explosive Magazine finishing works

SI 006a: Finishing works Explosive Magazine

SI 006b: Bricks wall nitrate building (inside and outside the wall and ramp)

SI 006d: Explosive Magazine finishing works – Emulsion storage drainage sump

SI 007: Power Plant cable pits plates installation

SI 008: Embankments between fences and admin offices

SI 010: Drainage at the offices

SI 012: Wind extractor nitrate area

SI 013: Drain at the pioneer camp main trench

SI 014: Drainage and slope protection between worksops and DTP offices

Prefabrication des longrine

Réalisation des travaux de finition des logements (Pioneer Camp)

Réalisation des travaux de finition de office et de dispatch + avenant (Base Camp)

Travaux complémentaires au pioneer camp

Pit de drainage et de collection des eaux