Builders of the future

Bringing the quality of Guinean industry to the global stage.

Creating the bedrock of responsible Guinean resource procurement.

Sustainable mining has an enormous role to play in securing Africa's future, and GPC is at the heart of large-scale operations in the sector for many clients across diverse, long-term projects.

Building the future of Guinea, and forging ahead for a better world.

Construction is imperative as part of Guinea's transformation and GPC leads the way in building the future of the nation, undertaking both real estate and civil works projects in the sector.

Connecting Guinea, powering Africa, and helping the world transform.

The world relies on logistics to facilitate modern trade. Connecting Guinea to the global supply chain positions us as a critical part of this infrastructure, and a vital contributor to the broader market.

GPC is redefining
Guinean industry, both locally and worldwide.

For over two decades now we have been active in the mission-critical mining, construction, and logistics sectors of the Guinean and broader West African economy. Our contribution to integrated trade across the region has defined continual excellence in our project delivery, where we have shown year-on-year growth while maintaining a perfect safety record. Actively positioning now for the future, our mission is to keep delivering at the highest level. Through this, we hope to bring prosperity not just to Guinea, but to all of Africa and, by extension, the world. As builders of the future, we forge ahead towards a brighter tomorrow.


People with GPC


Completed Projects

GPC Groupe is part of projects in mining, construction, and logistics in Guinea and across Africa


In order to become who we want to be, we need to ensure ESG compliance and long-term implementation of our sustainable practices.

Our work directly affects Guinea’s access to the global supply chain and the subsequent implementation of green energy nationwide. The minerals we contribute directly impact the world’s ability to produce the vital components needed to reduce our carbon emissions and enable a climate-neutral world. We are active in entrenched sectors across mining, construction, logistics, and wider trade, which are all imperative in securing the future of our continent and the world’s continued development in a long-term, sustainable fashion.


Our world is precious, and we are always thinking of ways to limit our impact while helping build towards a sustainable future.


Our roadmap for the next decade features a complete system for environmental responsibility, including compliance with requirements (both client and state), stewardship of sites, and a long-term view of emissions reductions in line with international standards.


We have a perfect safety record, and we intend to keep it that way. Our people give us the strength to continue building a prosperous country and region, and their safety is critically important to us in every facet of our activity.


We regularly audit our safety protocols and ensure the strictest possible compliance with HSE, as well as employ dedicated safety managers at our active sites to always keep safety at the forefront of our priorities.


In line with our vision of building the future, everything we do is designed around what is best for communities both local to our activity and country-wide. We have been involved closely in community empowerment, local hiring, and outreach programs in order to help elevate the local groups that are integral to our continued activity.

Our executive team

Amadou Kaba, CEO of GPC Groupe
Amadou Kaba CEO
Aly Kaba, MD of GPC Groupe
Aly Kaba MD
idrissa-min-_1_ (1)
Idrissa Kaba Deputy MD

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We’re not looking to be just another company. We want to redefine Guinean industry, bringing the excellence of the country onto the global stage. Be part of this change and work with the most exciting business in the sector.

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Builders of the future.

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