Who we are

GPC is dynamically active across several mission-critical sectors of the rapidly growing Guinean and broader West African economy, including mining, construction, logistics, and integrated trade.

Established by the Kaba brothers in 2000 and formalised in 2009, GPC is active in the mining, construction, and logistics industries both in Guinea and across West Africa. Guided by a vision for a prosperous country and a brighter future for the region, our continued growth and success speaks for our ability to undertake and complete large-scale, challenging projects across a range of industries and environments. Now going into our twenty-fourth year, the company also oversees subsidiaries both wholly-owned and vertically integrated (GPC Mining, BAA Decord, Wolf Guinea), and those under joint ventures.

''We aim to be the primary reference of Guinean quality and excellence as a leading, fully Guinean-owned company."

Amadou Kaba – CEO

Our Vision

To be the leading partner of choice for clients active in the mining, construction, and logistics sectors, both in Guinea and across the broader West African region.

Our Mission

Building the future of Guinea and Africa, with optimism and with excellence. We know what we need to do to achieve this, and we know we can deliver. Our countless successful projects and satisfied clients speak for the value we add.

Our Values

Our values make us who we are. Over two decades now we have been refining what we want to pride ourselves on, and how we want our people to experience being part of a greater whole, contributing to the future of integrated trade across the region.

Our entrepreneurial culture is anchored by three core values that remain consistent across all our operations and activity:


People are dynamic, and we celebrate this. Championing autonomy as a core value, we empower our team to innovate and excel in projects while fostering a culture of trust and independent decision-making that drives industry-leading results.


Steadfast in our commitment to excellence, we ensure every project and operation reflects our dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability, setting new standards in our active sectors in Guinea and across the continent.


Challenges are part of life. We face them with the confidence of a lifetime of continued success. Boldness is our guiding principle; it inspires us to tackle the toughest challenges in mining, construction, logistics, and more, with our solution-driven determination helping us shape the future of our industries.

Our Sectors

We are active across some of the most entrenched industries worldwide, bringing resilient and value-adding services to key global movers and nations.

Working with governments and multinationals to action broad scale projects ranging from roads to residential, from copper mines to bauxite extraction, we understand the intricacies of our sectors and we have a commitment to delivery: on-time, on-budget, and proving the excellence of Guinean industry.


Creating the bedrock of responsible Guinean resource procurement. Sustainable mining has an enormous role to play in securing Africa’s future, and GPC is at the heart of large-scale operations in the sector for many clients.


Construction is imperative as part of Guinea’s transformation and GPC leads the way in building the future of the nation, undertaking both real estate and civil works projects in the sector.


The world relies on logistics to facilitate modern trade. Connecting Guinea to the global supply chain positions us as a critical part of this infrastructure, and a vital contributor to the broader market.​


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+224 622 60 16 40

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T2, Kipé Commune de Ratoma,
Conakry, Rép. Guinée

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