The world relies on logistics to facilitate modern trade. Connecting Guinea to the global supply chain positions us as a critical part of this infrastructure, and a vital contributor to the broader market.​

Connecting Guinea, powering Africa.

Having been active in logistics since 2012, we have an overarching mission of connecting the conduits of production in Guinea and the broader West African region to the global economy. In order to do this, we must action and deliver on an ambitious vision to supply effective and consistent logistics services country-wide. This is a statement of intent, and we look towards this mission with optimism, ready to redefine Guinean industrial excellence.

Freight and transit

Our vertically-integrated logistics channels help action the second-level production from many of our active sites in the mining and construction sectors. Beyond this, we are a core partner both for companies operating in Guinea, and globally-networked multinationals who rely on our professional-level services to maintain the functioning status of their revenue generating operations.

Supply chain

GPC plays a pivotal role in the continued transformation of the Guinean supply chain. With the nation being a nexus for vital resources and trade across the West African region and economy, our company leverages the Guinea’s unique geographic and economic strengths to streamline logistics, enhance efficiency, and create robust connections between local producers and international markets. Our innovative approach in logistics management, incorporating modern technology and sustainable practices, not only bolsters Guinea’s position in the global supply chain but also sets new standards in reliability and speed. Through our extensive network, tailored solutions, and deep understanding of both local and international trade dynamics, GPC is not just a participant but a key influencer in the supply chain, driving growth and prosperity in Guinea and beyond.


Our fleet is versatile and powers our logistics capabilities. We own over one hundred transport trucks and light vehicles, including 53 horse and trailer, 37 tipping trucks, 3 water trucks, 23 LUV, 3 buses, and 4 CAR VIP. 

Our Clients

Our logistics projects include long-term partnerships with international partners such as Bolloré Logistics and the China International Water and Electric Corporation. Our clients trust us to execute operations in reliable, versatile fashion across all our active sites, and subsequently, to deliver on-time and on-budget. We ensure production is efficient, and that profitability remains consistently in line with client expectations, with all of our active sites providing enduring value for our partners.


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