General Lansana Conté University of Sonfonia, Conakry

Construction of the University Library at General Lansana Conté University of Sonfonia in Conakry involves several key stages. These include earthworks, particularly the creation of access routes and platforms. Major works undertaken encompass framework, waterproofing, coatings, joinery, installation of water networks and sewers, electrical setups, air conditioning systems, painting, as well as exterior fittings and various road and utility networks (VRD).






12 months

Date of completion


The process

A complete project management team was mobilized, comprising a project manager, works director, works supervisor, planner, administrative and financial manager, supply and logistics manager, quality manager, and an HSE team. Additionally, full supervision teams were deployed, including various site managers, supervisors, foremen, team leaders, skilled laborers, and general laborers.
The team utilized a variety of earthmoving equipment, including excavators (models DX300LCA, ZX350LCH, and CAT330), graders, a CAT D6 bulldozer, dump trucks, V5 type soil compactors, and tank trucks.

Building Guinea's future

Our academic institutions are central to our continued growth and development. It was an honour to be chosen to construct the General Lansana Conté Library for the University of Sonfonia, and we hope to strengthen the legacy of learning for those next generations.

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